Thursday, 7 March 2013

Free Tools for Managing Social Media Accounts – a look at what it says in the title

The debris of social media can weigh users down on a daily and even hourly basis. And without the right tools it’s a cluttered world out there in the big wide world of the likes of Twitter. Thankfully, however, there are some great tools for managing social media accounts. And they cost absolutely nothing, so here’s some of the best currently on offer.


Have you got Klout? You might be dipping your toe into the social media waters, or it could be your job and passion, whatever stage you’ve reached, it can worth examining the effectiveness of what you’re doing. And Klout is the handy tool for just this. It measures your power via the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, crunching the numbers to tell users about their influence. Klout is scored on a scale of one to one hundred with the average score being 40. So log in and find out about your Klout.


As the popularity of Twitter grows, so people find themselves in the position of having multiple Twitter accounts: one for work, one for personal use, and perhaps one for a hobby or side project. So it left people pondering how to keep track of all of this Twitter information without letting important tweets or messages fall through the cracks. Handily Hootsuite offers just the solution to this problem. Its web-based dashboard allows users to keep track of several social accounts, all from the once place. And it’s all for free. Hootsuite also offers the opportunity to up the social ante with additional paid features which include Facebook integration and the Hootsuite Conversations. This works almost like an instant messaging service.


With some 72 million active account and around 400 million tweets being sent every day, using Twitter to its full business advantage, can be a tricky task. Some people tweet fervently, some knowledgeably and some not at all. So how do you sort for wheat from the chaff in a social world? Well, try using Followerwonk. This free tool works on different levels. Users can search via Twitter bios those of potential interest. It is also possible to identify about your most influential followers and when the best time is to engage via Twitter.


Dubbed the Twitter Yellow Pages, Twellow works as a twitter directory. Launched in 2007, the free service has been modified and upgraded along the way with the most recent 2.0 version boasting new features including Twellohood. This allows users to sift through tweets by location, making it easier to connect and find out information being tweeted from or about your local area. And with Twellow’s 31 million profiles and 3000 categories, that’s a considerable amount of potential information.


Sifting through the Twitter chatter can be time-consuming and labour intensive, so make life easier and use Topsy. There’s a free option which allows users to search for a specific word or topic across a multitude of outlets such as photos, videos and tweets. Course, if you've cash to splash then you can cast your net wider but the free tool still makes for useful analyse of topics.

Social Mention

If you’re looking to keep track of specific mentions, then streamline and simplify this by using social mention. It collects content across a plethora of different platforms including Facebook and Twitter and puts it into a single stream. There are no hidden charges and it’s so easy to use that it’ll make you wonder what you did before using this tool.

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